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Our Gallery

Tree of Life Series

The Tree of Life symbolizes many nourishing aspects of life.  We hope our trees nourish you on your way!


Choose from one of our trees in stock or request a custom Tree of Life with your favorite colors.  Or select colors that match your loved ones birthstone colors which will make an incredibly thoughtful Mothers or Fathers day gift that will be cherished for generations.   Tell us your ideas!  We want to know what  amazing ideas you have!

Let's start with our largest Tree of life.  The tree pictured just below has a 58 inch diameter.  Truly amazing to see in person!  Its as if the chains and gears were actually meant for this purpose! 



















 Our larger Tree's of Life above are $2,999

And below, our smaller Tree's of Life welded inside bike rims, roughly 26 inch in diameter are shown below and range from $150 to $325 depending on size.


Fetishes are a key part of many Native American religious traditions.  Symbolic of the connection to nature and the spirit world we at Frozen Phoenix create these pieces with the intention that their owners will find inspiration in them.   Meant as pieces to be carried, handled, mounted as jewelry or pop sockets, desk art, embellishments, given as gifts and endless other uses to reflect upon in what ever way fits your life.  We hope that you will find a piece that inspires and opens your heart and imagination toward the “beautiful conspiracy” that has all of life working toward your greatest happiness.