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At Frozen Phoenix, we like to create without limitation.  For this reason, we use and combine many different mediums including metal, resin, clay, wire, glass, wood, multimedia and more.  We weld, draw, paint, pour, bake, wire and sculpt.  Whatever is required to bring the image dancing in our minds and that of our customers into a reality where it can be touched and shared and inspire others.


We love bringing new life to items that would otherwise end up in landfills.  Partly because it is good for the earth and partly because there are a plethora of these types of items that we find beautiful and full of untapped potential.  


We love taking on custom commissions.  Nothing is more satisfying than collaborating with someone to create a piece that speaks uniquely to them.  


If you can dream it we will create it!  So don’t hesitate to ask us to create something that’s been dancing in your mind!

The Artists: Faye, Arlene and Kent

Tree of Life

The Tree of Life symbolizes many nourishing aspects of life.  We hope our trees nourish you on your way!


Choose from one of our trees in stock or request a custom Tree of Life with your favorite colors.  Or select colors that match your loved ones birthstone colors which will make an incredibly thoughtful Mothers or Fathers day gift that will be cherished for generations.   Tell us your ideas!  We want to know what  amazing ideas you have!

Let's start with our largest Tree of life.  The tree pictured just below has a 58 inch diameter.  Truly amazing to see in person!  Its as if the chains and gears were actually meant for this purpose! 

The large Trees of Life are welded on 58" rims and the small Trees are welded on 26" rims.


Joy Wheels

Joy wheels are meant to brighten a room and inspire pure joy. The color options are as limitless as your imagination. Place one of these in a window and the entire room will come alive! 


Other Products

Lighted Wall Art



Yard Art


The Artists

Faye - She draws in steel and dances in resin!

Faye has found great joy, inspiration, and solace in art since she was barely old enough to speak. She launched her first business and sold her first piece of art at age 13 and at age 14 is an upcoming artist using multiple mediums including welding, resin and multimedia and she is an accomplished illustrator and colorist.

Artists at Work

Faye… “If you can weld, you can make anything!”

“I started drawing with crayons, then with paint brushes and  now I draw in steel!”

Kent - Dream it and He will build it!

“We first learn words and letters…and learn to communicate and find understanding in the abstraction of them...we try to find our way in the world, find higher forms of expression...we learn to acquire knowledge, and to expand our minds.  We then find joy in creating, and expressing ourselves through art.. and then if we’re lucky we get to play with metal!”

Kent  - 2018.

Everyone loves this man! His kindness, passion for design art and life in general, have inspired everything we do at Frozen Phoenix

Fay Weld 5.png
Fay Weld 6.png

Arlene - Faye’s Mother, Business Manager, fellow artist and idea person.   

“Having the opportunity to Combine two of my passions,  my love of creating with my love of spending time with my daughter while we create together is just pure bliss for me.


 I believe God created us to be creators and nothing makes me happier than to be creating with people I hold so dear knowing our art will bring joy to others.”


Kent – design master, Supply King, Artist, jokester, magic maker!

An accomplished photographer, metal artist, designer and lover of art and structure of all mediums, Kent's’ relentless focus on design quality inspires everything we do at Frozen Phoenix. Additionally, his 10+ years buying and reselling vintage bikes creates an endless supply of beautiful parts, pallets, and inspiration for our work.



You can contact Frozen Phoenix Art via email at or by using the contact box below, or find us on Facebook or Instagram.  Let us know what you are interested in and we will send you pictures of our current in-stock inventory or we can discuss ideas you have that we can create just for you.

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